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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I sign up for Everyday Dry ™ shipments?

When do you get your first delivery?

When I join Everyday Dry ™ , do I need to select which wines I want to receive?

How Does Everyday Dry ™ Wine Club Work?

Do I need to sign up for a contract? Are there membership fees?

How are you different than any other wine of the month club?

How many bottles of wine are sent out in each shipment?

Can I upgrade or downgrade my monthly package?

Does Everyday Dry™ offer a guarantee?

Is there anyone that I can speak to if I have additional questions or concerns?

Can I change my Everyday Dry™ wine club shipment type from a mixed selection to all reds or all whites?

Do your wine clubs feature multiple bottles of the same wine each month or do I get different wine selections?

How are the dealcoholized wines selected?

How does payment work?

When do wine club subscriptions get sent out?

Does someone need to be home to sign for my or my gift (coming soon!) recipients shipments?

I love the dealcoholized wine I received, can I order more?

How do I update my shipping address, billing address, or credit card information?

My order arrived damaged. What do I do now?

I didn't get to the post office in time. What do I do?

How does winter shipping work?

Are Your Packing Peanuts Biodegradable?