Loxton Moscato

Loxton Moscato

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Dry to medium low alcohol Moscato is a fresh aromatic wine with a hint of sweetness.

A touch of spritz on the palate and hints of rose petals with citrus notes makes the Loxton Moscato a great aperitif. The Loxton Moscato has a spritzy, frizzante character, making it a fun, easy and enjoyable wine for sipping any time. Its flavour profile is a balance between citrus and sweetness of fruit flavours such as peach, apple and passion with orange/lemon citrus tones.

The world's most fashionable wine to serve at brunch or whenever you want it. Best served chilled.

Pairs wonderfully with Chinese food, spicy Szechuan, Thai or Vietnamese cuisines. Also enjoy with light chicken and fish dishes, cheese courses and antipasto plates. Can be used to make Zabaglione, an Italian custard used in desserts. Other desserts that pair well with Moscato are apple desserts, fresh berries, peach cobbler, lemon poppy breads biscotti and cakes. A dessert wine that you won't want to be without.

In addition, rosé wines sales seem to be taking off this summer, with Canadians purchasing the equivalent of 21.2 million bottles of rosé wines in 2016, according to this article, Thinking Pink, in the Vancouver Sun on August 26, 2017.

Regon: South Eastern Australia
Colour: Salmon Pink
Aroma: the aroma is reminiscent of Turkish delight (rose petals) and also features passion fruit and musk.

Palate: The Moscato style of wine is light and fresh with natural fruit sweetness. It features a wonderful mix of citrus, pineapple and floral flavours. Another highlight is the slight spritz that lifts the wine and enhances the crisp refreshing finish.

Food: Moscato is one of the fastest growing wine styles as it increases in popularity. It is lower in alcohol which is achieved by stopping the ferment which also results in preserving some of the natural grape sugars.

Picking the grapes in the cool of the night helps ensure the wine stays lively and fresh. Retaining a slight spritz adds an extra dimension and ensures the wine finishes clean and crisp.

Tech: Alcohol 0.5%

750 ml, De-Alcoholized Rose Wine

Minimum Quantity Requirements: To Purchase By The Bottle, Total Cart Must Include 4 Bottles Minimum. Type of Bottles Can Be Different.