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Loxton Sparkling

Loxton Sparkling

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Dry to medium low alcohol Sparkling Semillon white wine.

Tastes just like (or almost) a Champagne. Boasts a Champagne cork and Champagne bubbles, without the alcohol. Can share the table with regular Champagne and offer an elegant alternative sparkling wine for non-drinking guests.

Perfect for toasting any special occasion and will go great with those appetizers. Try with a charcuterie platter, with fried foods or a bowl of a variety of nuts. Try our non-alcoholic Mimosa with your eggs Benedict.

Our Non-Alcoholic MIMOSA

3 oz orange juice, chilled
3 oz Loxton Sparkling Brut, chilled
First, pour orange juice into a champagne fluted glass, then slowly add the Loxton Sparkling Brut.
Garnish with a slice of orange. The bubbles are yours to savour and enjoy.

One bottle of Loxton Sparkling Brut makes 8 servings.

750 ml, De-Alcoholized Sparkling White Wine

Minimum Quantity Requirements: To Purchase By The Bottle, Total Cart Must Include 4 Bottles Minimum. Type of Bottles Can Be Different.