Oddbird - Spumante (Non-Alcoholic) - 750ml

Oddbird - Spumante (Non-Alcoholic) - 750ml

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Oddbird Spumante expresses an extensive palate with tones of white pear, green apple, elderflower, honeymelon, citrus, gooseberry and grapefruit and at the same maintaining high acidity and minerality for a balanced, fresh and crisp experience.

100% Glera from the Italian province of Treviso located in the Veneto region, commonly known as the Prosecco region. Liberated from alcohol.

GRAPE - Glera
TERROIR - Clay / Marl / Sandstone
AGING - 12 months
REGION - Treviso, Veneto
NOTES - White Pear, Green Apple, Elderflower, Grapefruit.
SUGAR - 44 g/l


OddBird produce quality wines, made with traditional methods and matured for up to 12 months, and then gently liberated from alcohol in order to preserve the flavors nature intended. But liberated from alcohol does not only describe the removal of the substance. It also describes the liberation from  drinking culture. Liberation from norms and the preconceived notion that alcohol is an integral part of celebratory occasions. Liberation is the ability to chose between with or without alcohol. Liberation is a desired outcome of democratization which is exactly what we intend to do with the dinner table.