Sangre De Toro Discovery Pack

Sangre De Toro Discovery Pack

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4 bottles from a top vineyard...

2 x white
1 x Rose
1 x Red

Winery have made Sangre de Toro since the 1954 vintage. By now it is legendary, known for its incomparable personality. After completing fermentation, the alcohol is removed from this Muscat of Alexandria varietal while preserving its full aroma and flavour.

Brilliant gold colour. Fresh fruit aroma with herbaceous hints of fennel and spices. Fresh palate with lots of fruit and a full finish. Soft and slightly sweet in the mouth.

Excellent as an aperitif; wonderful with all kinds of fish, seafood and rice dishes.

This rose is a brilliant, clean, very pale cherry red. Delicate floral (marshmallow flower) and fruit (quince jam) aromas come together in this dealcoholized rosé, perfect for those moments that call for a light, flavourful drink.

Dark cherry red with purple edge. Intense, with black fruit notes and subtle spicy undertones. Supple, jammy palate with fruity aromas.

Lovely with pasta, roasts and wild game.