Canada's First Non-Alcoholic Wine Club!


Join Canada's #1 Alcohol Free Wine Club Today!

Flexible Monthly Subscription Options

Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs by selecting 2, 4, or 6 bottles of De-Alcoholized wine per month. Tailor the quantity to your personal preference or household size.

Hand-Picked Wine Deliveries

Each month, enjoy new delicious De-Alcoholized wine discoveries, curated by our Everyday Dry™ team. Your first shipment is sent immediately, with future shipments arriving on the 1st of each month.

No Membership Fees and Easy Management

Enjoy the convenience of our service without any membership fees. You have the flexibility to hold or cancel your subscription at any time, making it easy to adjust your plan as needed.

dry wine club

Join Canada's Best Alcohol Free Wine Club!

Our most popular wine package; a selection of 4 of our top wines, refreshed monthly.

Select one of the following options:

  • White-ish (0.5% or less)
  • All Red (0.5% or less)
  • Mixed (0.5% or less)

Mixed can include whites, reds, rosé and sparkling. White-ish can include white sparkling, and rosé wines.

Each month, new dealcoholized wine discoveries hand-picked by our Everyday Dry™ team arrive at your doorstep. With this package, you get 4 bottles per month.

Try hard-to-find dealcoholized wines, at hard-to-believe prices. We pounded the pavement, scoured winery cellars, and hustled our face off to negotiate these insane deals. We've driven the costs down to you, and work to source highly-allocated, rarely seen bottles.

Hard work + our negotiation skills = major deals for you, and delivered right to your door!

We ship the day after you sign up, and on the 1st of every month thereafter or every 3 months for the seasonally option.

*Winter Shipping may have higher shipping costs due to this wine cannot freeze* 

After two months of quitting alcohol, I was lost as to where to find de-alcoholized wine. Now it's delivered to my door every month. I love the surprise!

Jason D