Not everyone’s reason to quit alcohol is the same.

Not everyone’s reason to quit alcohol is the same.
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This is part II of XI of the mini-blog series "10 Things I’ve Learned Since Quitting Alcohol."

As our company Everyday Dry launched and started providing dealcoholized wine and non-alcoholic wine and spirits to our customers, we quickly received a lot of feedback from the sober-life community. We learnt a long time ago the importance of listening to the community for what they want and learning new ideas,  so we were happy to have the opportunity to understand our customer needs more clearly. However, one particular piece of feedback really stood out - that not everyone's reasons to avoid alcohol was the same.

For example, one day I was talking to a lady on the phone from Alberta, and she mentioned that she didn’t like purchasing non-alcoholic wine from the grocery store, because they stored it with the “dealcoholized” wine - something she cannot and will not drink. She said because they were stored together, it was really easy to confuse the two product categories. 

It turned out that this particular lady could not drink alcohol at all - not even 0.5% wines were allowed for her. Why? Because she had a medical condition that made any alcohol consumption a risk. This was a learning lesson for us. That even 0.5% alcohol was too much for some people.

Personally, I don’t drink alcohol because I don’t like the lethargy that often follows - not because of some medical condition. Therefore, I enjoy consuming the 0.5% wines, as there are more options. However, based on this lady’s feedback - we redesigned our “wine club” offering to offer new options. Now you can select from the following options (See below), and select “only 0.0% wines” if you so require.

  • All White (0.5% or less)
  • All Red (0.5% or less)
  • Mixed (0.5% or less)
  • Mixed (0.0% Only)

Perhaps more importantly, we learnt clearly from this experience that everyone has their own reason or reasons for quitting alcohol, and those reasons or combination of reasons are different for everyone. We now understand that people quit drinking alcohol for many different reasons, and all the reasons have different requirements. 

So for people that find themselves triggered by seeing or smelling alcohol, we like to think that our direct delivery DA/NA wine club is good for people that don’t want to visit a liquor store - as why would someone who quit alcohol want to be triggered by going into a liquor store to buy dealcoholized wine. It’s so much more convenient to have it delivered directly to your door.

Anyway, we are really excited by providing our wine cluib and spirits club service, and we are learning everyday about our community - so thank you for all the great feedback - and for joining us on this dealcoholized and non-alcoholic wine and spirits tasting journey.

To Your Health And Happiness.

Team Everyday Dry™ 


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