It’s easier to quit when your mind is onboard.

It’s easier to quit when your mind is onboard.
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This is part I of XI of the mini-blog series "10 Things I’ve Learned Since Quitting Alcohol."

For many years, the idea of quitting alcohol seemed almost impossible for me. Whenever I started a period of abstinence, each day would present a challenge. Taking a break for just three days, or one weekend, seemed an amazing achievement. Abstaining for more than 3 weeks seemed almost impossible. Then, every month there was some sort of occasion, a holiday, a birthday, a party - that would tempt me to break my abstinence and I would start drinking again. Once the drinking began, I would skip exercise the next day, and the harmful cycle would continue. I was putting on weight, my cardio sucked, and I wasn’t reaching my potential.

However, when I did end up quitting drinking completely - it was actually really easy. Surprisingly easy in fact. This is because my mind was ready. It’s really quite amazing how easy it has been, and it’s only because something “switched” in my mind. How you get to switch your mind is a unique challenge for everyone. For me, a big part of it was (1) creating a strong target vision of a better me, and (2) focusing on exercise.

The year before I quit alcohol, I took up kickboxing. Kickboxing is a high impact sport, to say the least. So often, the night before I had a kickboxing class the next day, I would seriously question whether I should have a drink. Kickboxing tomorrow was already going to be a real struggle, do I really want to be hungover as well? No. So often, I would not drink, and I would drink water instead and go to bed early. Focusing on athletic goals was keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Additionally, I would spend time visualizing a better me. Faster, stronger, and lighter. This visualization was helped when I started following fitness trainers on Instagram and Facebook. Now my news feed fills up with fit people working out, and less people taking photos of pizza and beer!

Everyone is going to have a different way of getting into a stronger mindset, but I hope this post will get you thinking in that direction. If in doubt exercise, and if you don’t have a vision of your stronger future self - you’re going to need one.

To Your Health And Happiness.

- Team Everyday Dry™


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