Benefits of Drinking Dealcoholized Wine

Benefits of Drinking Dealcoholized Wine
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Nowadays, both dealcoholized wines (0.5% or less) and alcohol-free wines (0.0%) taste much better than they did for our grand parents or even parents. Why? Because back in the day producers used to heat the wine to remove the alcohol. This destroyed many other important parts of the wine.

Today however, there are new machines, new processes, which allow traditional wine to have the alcohol removed, without the need to heat the wine to high temperatures. Some processes even use a centrifuge to remove the alcohol while others use a vacuum technique.

It's truly wonderful that the quality and taste of dealcoholized and non-alcoholic wine has improved so much, and that there are a growing number of choices of grape.

Now that the wine is not destroyed by heating, it retains many of the benefits people traditionally associate with wine. 

Other benefits of alcohol-free wine:

  • 3 to 6 times less calories than a regular wine.
  • NA Wine is a festive drink for the workplace.
  • NA Wine is great for the elderly.
  • NA Wine has the richness of traditional wine and retains the ‘French Paradox’
  • NA Wine is perfect for sports lovers.
  • Today's de-alcoholization processes allow the preservation of aromas.
  • Some NA wine is HALAL certified
  • NA Wine helps with pregnancy cravings! It's safe!
  • Alcohol-free sparkling wine is not for adults only! Children can celebrate the occasion!

Anyway, we are proud to present a variety of NA and DA wines for our members - we hope you'll give us a try!




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